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Cureus is your partner of choice for land and real estate acquisitions. Thanks to our many years of experience, highly efficient review processes and financial stability, we guarantee efficient, smooth and reliable transactions. We are also happy to consider new strategic partnerships with professional land sellers and real estate agents. Just reach out. We’d love to hear from you.


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What we are looking for

 Development plots     Development projects     Existing properties


Type of property Care home Assisted living
  • Anywhere in Germany
  • Any high-growth German region
  • Central locations
  • Local amenities (shops, supermarkets and doctors’ practices, etc.)
  • Good accessibility, especially by public transport
  • Residential or mixed-use neighbourhoods
General requirements
  • Plots min. 3,000 sqm
  • Gross floor area min. 4,500 sqm
  • Plots min. 2,500 sqm
  • Gross floor area min. 4,000 sqm

In order to make an initial assessment, please send us the following information:

  • Full address (street, number, post code, town/city)
  • Property details (plot size, gross floor area, building-to-land ratio) incl. plans
  • Information about planning and/or building permits
  • Overview of existing leases/rental agreements
  • Photographs of the site
  • Target sale price
  • Project status
  • Brief description of the construction project, location and details of the local market/competitive situation

We are also looking for existing care homes and assisted living properties for our group as well as plots of land for holiday homes on the North and Baltic Seas.

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We will review the information you send us without delay and can guarantee you a highly efficient land and/or property development transaction process, because...


icon-team.svg ... we are a tight-knit team of dedicated transaction managers.

icon-abstimmungswege.svg ... we prioritise direct communication and efficient decision making.

icon-jahr.svg ... we develop more than 20 senior living properties per year.

icon-ankaufspruefungen.svg ... we can make quick responses to transaction proposals.

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