The scalable standard for system care homes

As regulations and requirements evolve, care homes have no option but to constantly reinvent themselves. This process has created a highly fragmented market and led to significant variations in the quality of individual care homes. The implications of these developments are what prompted us to develop a holistic and systematic approach to expanding our portfolio that sets uniform quality benchmarks for care home properties, irrespective of location, that are specifically geared to the requirements of all care stakeholders. Our uniform approach creates systematically designed care homes and provides a scalable answer to the constant growth in demand for inpatient care facilities.

The care sector faces a constantly shifting landscape of operational, social and legal requirements. Because the market is so dynamic, we continually adapt our standards and critically question the status quo every single day. We are constantly optimising the guidelines we apply to individual properties along with the standardised processes that steer us from the first moment of every project – from the evaluation and acquisition of the land, through construction, to the long-term management of the property as a portfolio holder. In this way, we want to transform the care market to provide a best-in-class experience to the nation’s growing senior population. 

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A change of perspective

We know how operators think

Throughout our many years of close collaboration with care operators, we have come to recognise that the care home environment has a direct impact on the cost and quality of the provision of elderly care. Knowing this, we are able to develop intelligent responses to everyday challenges and permanently transform problems into opportunities. Even small-scale improvements can deliver significant efficiency gains in long-term operation, freeing up capacities and resources elsewhere to the benefit of all stakeholders.


The 4 principles of our system approach


We create the ideal conditions for care operators


We constantly develop our standards


We think holistically, right down to the very last detail


We combine quality with economic efficiency

Tomorrow’s senior living properties, today

A unique product for a high-growth market

We have developed the only product that provides a systematic solution for inpatient care and offers a uniform standard and maximum scalability.

We don’t just make minor adjustments, we shape the future
We minimise risk and maximise benefits to create lasting value
We create real estate that endures and is always best-in-class

In developing our system care home standard, we pursue a value- and benefit-oriented approach that is characterised by its holistic perspective. We continuously optimise every aspect of our product, focus on the needs of our stakeholders and draw on our years of experience and close collaboration with our partners in the construction industry and care home sector. This approach enables us to construct more care homes and to complete them faster than our competitors. Our uniform quality standards make a significant contribution to harmonising inpatient care.

Thanks to our systematic and sustainable solution, operators and municipalities can be confident that their new care homes will satisfy long-term legal requirements. Standardisation also unlocks immense savings potential, helping to reduce costs associated with the development, construction and operation of each property.

We design and build care homes that create optimal conditions for operators to deliver industry-leading services and focus on providing the best possible care, for example by aligning floor plans to staffing levels and minimising walking distances to ensure that personnel can be deployed with maximum efficiency. At the same time, floor-to-ceiling windows and full kitchens are among the many features that enhance quality of life for residents. These are just two examples of how we combine economic efficiency with uncompromising quality in a single uniform standard.

And because we hold and manage our properties in our own portfolio on a long-term basis, we are also always there to support operators and municipalities as their partner of choice; a partner that knows every aspect of the properties and is prepared to assume responsibility. This also reduces risk and contributes to the long-term success of every care property.

We are constantly adapting our product to the dynamic conditions of the care market and integrating our experience and in-depth understanding of both the care and real estate markets into our continuous optimisation process.

At Cureus, challenging the status quo also means implementing technical innovations that allow care home operators to reduce energy consumption and optimise staffing levels in day-to-day operations. For example, every one of our system care homes is certified to KfW energy-efficiency standards. By thinking ahead and anticipating new solutions for inpatient care and potential changes in the legislative landscape, we are building on the twin pillars of sustainability and stability to the ultimate benefit of all care home stakeholders.

Who benefits from our system care home?


We are ideally positioned to consistently and sustainably satisfy the strong demand for care homes. By applying our system approach, we develop properties that are specifically designed for inpatient care providers and give them the flexibility they need to meet the needs of a growing senior population. Our solution lets operators achieve more with lower staffing and operating costs. The optimised cost structure, coupled with Germany-wide compliance with legal requirements, significantly reduces operator risk. At the same time, our high-quality construction standards have a positive impact on occupancy rates, ensuring that the care homes are as attractive as possible for staff and residents alike.


We are committed to constantly improving the quality of care services and offering a best-in-class experience in every one of the properties we design, develop and manage. Our standard not only guarantees optimised construction, relieving operators and giving them more time and space to focus on the provision of high-quality care, it is also tailored to the specific requirements and needs of care home residents. The hallmarks of our properties include single rooms as standard, light-flooded interiors, spacious outdoor facilities, full kitchens, floor-to-ceiling windows and high-quality bathrooms.


As a specialised integrated care home property company with our own development expertise and a close-knit network of partners, we offer a comprehensive range of services related to the construction and management of care homes from a single source. Thanks to the optimal interaction with municipalities and operators, care capacities can be developed across the board where they are urgently needed, taking local conditions into account. As an added benefit, our new system care homes guarantee the supply of secure, long-term employment in the communities in which they are based.

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