Building the future

We not only develop new ideas and concepts for our buildings, we also implement them. Continually strengthening our in-house property development expertise is a key component of our long-term growth strategy. Behind the construction business segment at Cureus is a team of over 75 employees with many years of experience from a large number of construction projects. This puts us in an excellent position to take on the general contractor services for many projects ourselves. All services to be rendered follow the unique Cureus approach of system care homes. In this way, we want to meet our goal of completing at least 20 new system care homes per year in the future.

Our development expertise

General contractor and planner in house

Strengthening our in-house construction capabilities enriches Cureus in so many ways and forms a central component of a dynamic process that continuously expands our operational horizons.

Our general contractor team consists of architects, engineers, draughtsmen and site managers and is supported by central functions such as secretarial, accounting or personnel. The focus is on turnkey construction according to the latest ecological standards along a first-class quality management process.

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Head of Construction & Project Management
Cureus GmbH, Hamburg

Frank Oberländer

box-Karim Abdel-Rehim_by Heribert Schindler.jpg

Head of Construction Division Single Placement
Cureus GmbH, Hamburg

Karim Abdel-Rehim

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Managing Director
Cureus West GmbH, Marl

Frank Wieschollek

Perfectly positioned

Our Construction Team

The construction activities of Cureus are managed from the Hamburg office. There is also a general contractor team here for our projects in northern and eastern Germany. Our general contractor team in Marl is entrusted with the numerous projects in western Germany.


icon-branchenexpertise.svg industry expertise

icon-erfahrung.svg 15 years of experience

icon-knowhow.svg a lot of know-how

We improve
our product
We have the
required capacities
We grow
our network

Our seamless approach to product development and construction allows us to efficiently identify optimisation potential and accelerate along a dynamic learning curve. In turn, this means we can guarantee the highest possible quality standards and further enhance our product day in, day out.

By consolidating construction expertise within Cureus, we secure the capacities we require to develop our ambitious project pipeline of at least 20 system care homes per year. With this expertise in place, we are an even more reliable partner for operators and municipal authorities.

We are constantly gaining new experience through active cooperation with our long-standing regional partners. We also make further contacts and are constantly expanding our network to include more and more reliable partnerships with craftsmen's businesses. As a result, we are optimally positioned in all trades and have even better access to know-how and construction capacities. This gives our growth prospects yet another boost.

New building for Marl office

Our team in Marl is growing
together at a new location

By the beginning of 2022, our 60-strong general contractor team, which is currently spread across two office locations, will have 2,000 square metres of state-of-the-art office space in Karl-Breuing-Str.


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