A team for joint success

Gerald Klinck (CEO), Christian Möhrke (COO) and Oliver Sturhahn (CFO), together with the Cureus management team, lead an extremely capable and highly skilled team with a wealth of expertise in construction, property management and financing.

Oliver Sturhahn

Christian Möhrke

Gerald Klinck

Chief Financial Officer

Oliver Sturhahn

Oliver Sturhahn is Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and is responsible for financing, treasury, controlling and accounting. He has 20 years of financial experience with a focus on real estate companies.

  • 2005: Oliver Sturhahn joins Becker & Kries Group
  • 2008-2012: Deutsche Wohnen Group, ultimately as Head of Treasury
  • 2012-2016: Vonovia, ultimately as Head of Business Development Controlling
  • 2016-2020: management functions in finance and investor relations at TAG Immobilien, TLG Immobilien, among others
  • Since 2022: CFO of Cureus, previously Head of Finance at Cureus since 2020

Chief Operating Officer

Christian Möhrke

Christian Möhrke is Chief Operating Officer (COO). He has amassed 20 years of professional and management experience with companies in Germany and abroad, including 15 years in project development, construction and property management.

  • 2002: Christian Möhrke joins Heidelberger Druckmaschinen as Product Manager in Denmark
  • 2005: Switch to the construction and real estate industry with KCA Group in Spain, ultimately as Managing Director
  • 2009: Managing Director of numerous property development companies with a north-German family office
  • 2012: Member of the Executive Board of the Lindhorst Group (real estate division)
  • Since 2020: COO of Cureus

Chief Executive Officer

Gerald Klinck

Gerald Klinck is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and responsible for the strategic orientation and further development of Cureus' business areas as well as the central holding divisions. His career as a specialist in the real estate industry spans more than 20 years.

  • 1997: Gerald Klinck joins the former HSH Nordbank
  • 2006–2011: Deutsche Wohnen Group, ultimately as Member of the Executive Management Board
  • 2011–2018: Vonovia, including as CCO with responsibility for controlling, property valuation and acquisitions
  • 2018–2020: CFO of TLG Immobilien
  • Since 2022: CEO of Cureus, previously CFO of Cureus since 2020

Our Management Team

Experienced real estate specialists constantly work closely with their teams to write the next chapters in the Cureus success story.

211129_Portraitbilder_Buehne_996x500px_Cureus1019_Karim Abdel-Rehim.jpg

Head of Construction Division Single Placement

Karim Abdel-Rehim

211129_Portraitbilder_Buehne_996x500px_Cureus0569_Melina Balthasar.jpg

Head of Technics

Melina Balthasar

211129_Portraitbilder_Buehne_996x500px_Cureus0207_Stefanie Kemper.jpg

Head of Legal

Stefanie Kemper

Christin Büttner.jpg

Head of Commercial Property
Management & Office,
Assistance to the Management Board

Christin Büttner

2022_09_XX_Foto_Cureus_Ramon Lahme_Leitung AkquiuBusDev_klein_by Christian Bierwagen.jpg

Head of Property Acquisition and Business Development

Ramon Lahme


Head of Accounting

Bettina Rathje

Frank Oberländer_Favorit_final f Web_byMartinRohrmann.jpg

Head of Construction &
Project Management

Frank Oberländer

Christoph Wilhelm.jpg

Corporate Communications/

Christoph Wilhelm

211129_Portraitbilder_Buehne_996x500px_Höner zu Siederdissen_Torben.jpg

Head of Planning Department

Torben Höner zu Siederdissen

Marcus Keller.jpg

Head of Project Development

Marcus Keller

2022_09_XX_Foto_Cureus_Heike Hartung_Leitung Personal_klein_by Christian Bierwagen.jpg

Head of Human Ressources

Heike Hartung

Frank Wieschollek_Favorit_final f Web_byMartinROhrmann.jpg

Managing Director,
Cureus West

Frank Wieschollek

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