We are laying the foundation for sustainability

Shaping the sustainable development of society is one of the greatest tasks of our time. It can only be put into practice with the courage to change and with conviction. As a specialist in the design, construction and management of inpatient care homes, we are determined to play our part in meeting current and future challenges by offering fresh impetus and solutions to satisfy the growing requirements of the care market and the increasing demand for care places in years to come.

At the same time, we are well aware that the real estate industry also has a key role to play in ensuring that we meet our global climate change mitigation goals. Thus, we are committed to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals and are determined to strike the optimum balance between sustainability and profitability with our innovative, integrated approach. With our systematically designed care homes, we have already developed an essential solution that offers a long-term response to the challenges facing the healthcare market, respecting both environmental aspects and the needs of operators and residents.

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Responsibility and transparency

Sustainability report 2020

Sustainability is one of our top priorities – in our first full financial year as Cureus, we are already putting together our first sustainability report and are following the internationally recognised standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). We present our first sustainability report for the 2020 financial year for download here:


Setting the right priorities

The cornerstone of our commitment to sustainability

As a rapidly expanding company, we recognise the importance of integrating the issue of sustainability from day one. In a materiality assessment conducted in close collaboration with our stakeholders, we have identified the areas of our business that have the most directly relevant impact on the environment and society. As we look to the future, we will strive to address these specific areas in our day-to-day business:

Forward-looking corporate governance

We are pursuing a long-term growth strategy and are committed to adhering to legal requirements and applicable compliance guidelines. At every stage of the strategic planning of our property developments, we assess and integrate sustainability-related opportunities and risks and develop our standard for system care homes with a keen eye on the future.

Sustainable value creation

For us, sustainability aspects are always front and centre of everything we do, from the acquisition of development land, throughout the planning and development process, all the way through to the construction and long-term management of our properties. At every stage of this value creation process, our system approach guarantees that our care facilities meet the highest standards of financial, environmental and social sustainability. This allows us to create optimal living and working environments while minimising our impact on the environment.

Responsible employer

Our employees are our most valuable asset. It is thanks to them that our standards improve every single day. That’s why we offer them personalised professional development opportunities in a secure long-term working environment and cultivate an open and diverse working environment in which everyone can, should and does make a contribution.


Energy conscious by default

Positive for the environment and great for the operator’s bottom line, our system care homes are designed and built according to the KfW-40 standard. This means that our properties only consume 40% of the primary energy allowed under the regulations set forth in the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). Moreover, we’ve also reduced heat loss via our buildings’ envelopes by almost 50%.

Achieving more, together

Cureus has donated EUR 5,000 to the city of Schwerin to help revitalise wasteland in the Werdervorstadt district to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors alike. The sponsored area is located not far from the Schwerin senior residence bulit by Cureus.

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We think globally

Cureus is committed to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


For competence and governance

The German Property Federation (ZIA) represents the interests of the entire property sector in Germany as the sector’s leading industry association. Cureus joined ZIA in March 2021 with the aim of promoting the exchange of experience within the industry and pooling our expertise through the association’s work. As a member of ZIA, Cureus has also committed itself to the “Principles of Proper and Fair Management in the Real Estate Industry” of the Institute for Corporate Governance in the German Real Estate Industry (ICG).

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