Cureus publishes Sustainability Report 2021 with expanded focus on portfolio data

  • 2021 report contains first ever analysis of portfolio consumption data
  • Report complies with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards
  • Industry-specific EPRA criteria are taken into account
  • Cureus has signed up to the principles of the Institute for Corporate Governance
  • All new properties target KfW 40 energy-efficiency standard
  • Responsible employer for around 150 employees

Hamburg, 22 September 2022. Cureus, an integrated property company specialising in care homes, which builds new properties for its own portfolio and actively manages it, has published its second Sustainability Report, which includes data from the 2021 financial year.

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Having started out in 2020 as a developer of senior care homes, in 2021 the company expanded its focus on creating care homes for its own real estate portfolio. As a result, Cureus has expanded the content of its Sustainability Report in accordance with the criteria of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) to include an analysis of consumption throughout the portfolio in addition to data from its construction sites and business operations.

“Striking the right balance in terms of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is not only about having a positive impact on the environment and society, it is also hugely important for long-term corporate success”, explains Gerald Klinck, CEO of Cureus, before adding: “Recognising this, we have set ourselves a number of new ESG targets in our second annual Sustainability Report and will work continuously to achieve them, documenting our progress in our regular corporate reports. We will continue to focus on forward-looking corporate governance, sustainable value creation and being a responsible employer”.

Christian Möhrke, COO of Cureus: “Our standard for system care homes has always included key environmental and social aspects, and the processes in our steadily growing organisation are also aligned with common governance requirements. We have therefore been reporting transparently on this since the start of our business activities and are continuously developing our business and our system approach in the E, S and G fields. In particular, by analysing consumption data from our entire our portfolio for the first time, we have gained fresh insights during the current reporting cycle that we will take into account as we take our business forward”.

“The fact that we were already on the right track in terms of ESG was confirmed not least by the highly positive score we received from the Sustainalytics ratings agency. This enables us to stand out from the competition, especially in discussions with banks on the capital market”, reports the CFO of Cureus, Oliver Sturhahn, who adds: “In October 2021, while the company was still very young, Cureus received a remarkable 12.2-point initial rating, meaning that the risk of ESG factors having a significant financial impact on the company was rated as low by the independent specialists. In early 2022, Sustainalytics also selected Cureus as a ‘Top Rated Company’ in the Europe region. We plan to get a new risk rating at the end of 2022”. You can read more about the risk rating from Sustainalytics here.

ESG incorporated in the DNA of the Cureus standard

Cureus is a specialist in the inpatient care home real estate sector in Germany. In order to ensure the company has a sustainable portfolio in the long-term, Cureus focuses on a wide range of financial, social and environmental aspects throughout the design, planning and construction of its system care homes. In addition to achieving the cost-efficient construction of affordable care places for all sections of the community through standardisation and optimised procurement and integrating high-quality, resident-friendly building features and equipment, the company also strives to maximise the energy efficiency of all of its properties. In pursuit of these aims, Cureus strives to comply with the KfW 40 energy-efficiency standard in all new buildings. A comprehensive catalogue of environmental and social criteria also helps to determine the choice of location for each new Cureus senior care home. The company is also committed to the principles of the Institute for Corporate Governance in the German Real Estate Industry (ICG).

Employees as an important target group

Cureus takes its responsibility towards its employees very seriously and strives to further enhance the attractive and, above all, safe and healthy working environment it has created for its employees. In addition to a wide variety of attractive offers and programmes, the company’s diverse workforce benefits from the dynamism of a young company and the opportunity to actively shape their own working environment as the company continues to grow.

Specific goals for the company’s sustainable future development

In its latest Sustainability Report, Cureus has also defined specific measures and targets to continue its growth without compromising on its ESG commitments. For example, together with its partners, Cureus will look to increase the use of renewable energies on construction sites and in business operations as well as throughout the portfolio. Physical risks on the construction sites and from climate change will also be examined in more detail as part of the company’s comprehensive risk management strategy. Cureus has also set itself the goals of establishing a tax compliance management system and, with a focus on the company’s employees, to conduct regular surveys and expand training to attract even more skilled workers to the Group.

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Responsibility & Transparency – Sustainability Report 2021, Cureus

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