Cureus announces completion of Libento Seniorenresidenz Wuppertal with 80 inpatient care places 

  • Senior residence with 80 full inpatient care places
  • Construction to energy-efficient KfW-40 standard
  • Residence to be operated by Libento Seniorenresidenzen GmbH
  • Cureus – experienced specialist for care properties developes for its own portfolio
  • Cureus nursing care facilities are designed and built with a clear focus on residents’ wants and needs
  • The new residence creates 45 new and secure long-term jobs in Wuppertal
  • Opening in October 2021, some places still available

Hamburg/Winsen(Aller)/Wuppertal, 12 November 2021. Cureus, an integrated property company for care properties in Germany, which develops properties for its own portfolio, has announced the completion of construction works for the Libento Seniorenresidenz Wuppertal in the Barmen district and handed the facility’s over to its operator, Libento Seniorenresidenzen. Cureus is adding the property at Bromberger Str. 75a in 42281 Wuppertal to its own property portfolio.

“The new senior residence in Wuppertal has been designed and built according to our state-of-the-art standard for system care real homes”, explains Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Rüdiger Baum, Project Manager for Cureus. “This focuses on residents’ wants and needs and is intended to ensure that they not only feel very well cared for, but that they also feel comfortable and at home in the residence. Our thanks go to everyone involved in the construction and to our operating partner Libento Seniorenresidenzen. We are sure you will enjoy operating this sustainably designed property”.

“We are looking forward to providing care in Wuppertal in accordance with our company’s motto – Joy. Community. Living.", says Anja Marquardt, Managing Director of Libento Seniorenresidenzen. “We fully understand that we are all part of an even larger community and operate our facilities in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. We cultivate a culture of active involvement and inclusion that focuses on our residents, our employees and the neighbourhoods around our facilities”. Around 45 new and secure long-term jobs have been created by the new senior residence in Wuppertal, which is run as an open house, so that some of the residence’s services are accessible to local residents in order to foster links with the surrounding community.

Opening in November 2021 and last available places

The new senior residence will start operations before the end of November 2021. Previously, Wuppertal's Deputy Mayor Heiner Fragemann, the city's senior citizens' advisory council and, due to the Corona pandemic, a small circle of invited guests took their first look inside the new building and behind the scenes.

At the time of writing, there are still a small number of care places available for full inpatient and short-term care. Interested parties and potential employees can contact Libento on 0202 28196-0 or by email (wuppertal@libento-pflege.de).

Sustainable, resident-centred building

The new senior residence with 80 modern care places was constructed between 2019 and 2021 on an approx. 6,000-square-metre site. The building, which has a partial basement, three full stories and a recessed top floor was built to the stringent KfW-40 energy-efficiency standard. Heating is supplied by an environmentally-friendly combined heat and power unit (CHP), which also generates electricity for the residence. The flat roofs are greened and covered with gravel, which has a positive effect on the microclimate. With its contemporary, rectilinear facade, the property is an architectural eye-catcher and, with its attractive, light colour scheme, it blends harmoniously into its surroundings.
Every one of the 80 single rooms at Libento Seniorenresidenz are wheelchair-accessible and are equipped with their own private bathrooms. Residents also have the option of furnishing the rooms themselves in order to create their own personal space in a familiar environment. To ensure close social interaction, one independent living group has been created on the ground floor and one on the recessed floor, while two independent living groups have been created on each of the other two full floors. Each living group has its own kitchen and lounge area. The living group on the ground floor is specially designed to meet the needs and facilitate the optimal care of dementia patients. This group has direct access to the garden, which is tailored to their needs. The garden’s paths are, for example, laid out as a spiral, allowing residents to move around safely, even without supervision.

In addition, the ground floor of the new senior residence, which extends over a gross floor area (GFA) of c. 4,900 square metres, also features a restaurant with a terrace and a fresh food kitchen, which is now ready to welcome residents, guests and the local community. A fireside lounge with a library, plus a hair salon, a wellness and care bath and an in-house laundry, round off the amenities.

The spacious and welcoming outdoor areas invite residents to stretch their legs, enjoy a spot of exercise, or simply relax in the fresh air. The grounds of the Libento Seniorenresidenz Wuppertal also accommodate 14 car parking spaces, two of which are fully accessible, and ten bicycle parking spaces. 

Libento Seniorenresidenz Wuppertal in Barmen occupies the site of a former sports field next to a new day care centre. Moments from Petrus Hospital, the residence is also within easy reach of Wuppertal’s suspended railway. There are plenty of convenient public transport links from Sedansberg, including a route to the Alter Markt. The nearby game reserve at Nordpark Wuppertal is a popular destination for young and old and, in the landmark Klingelholl, which can be reached on foot in about 15 to 20 minutes, there are a variety of shops and dining options.

Comprehensive standard ensures individuality and the highest construction quality

The senior residence is designed and built in accordance with the Cureus standard for system care homes. This standard is based on exacting and uniform quality standards and is oriented to the needs of all stakeholders, including care home operators and residents. Care homes built to the Cureus standard are optimised in all respects. This concerns, for example, the size and arrangement of rooms to optimize space and walkways. Cureus care homes are also designed and equipped for maximum utility: interior corridors benefit from as much daylight as possible, every room has floor-to-ceiling windows that provide attractive views of the surrounding area, and the modern bathrooms and window fronts follow the same standardised system approach. Each complex’s architecture and facade incorporate individual touches and are constructed to the highest quality standards, integrating seamlessly into their surroundings. Th Cureus system approach also prioritises sustainability, both in terms of a care home’s long-term economic viability and its impact on the environment. All Cureus care homes are, for example, constructed in accordance with the KfW 40 energy-efficiency standard, while the bulk procurement of floor coverings or elevator systems, for example, ensures cost synergies and long-term maintenance contracts covering several properties also reduce costs for care home operators. The constant review and optimisation of the Cureus system care home standard guarantees the construction of care homes that truly meet demand.



Visualisation project Seniorenresidenz Wuppertal, North Rhine-Westphalia, a project of Cureus GmbH

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