Cureus joins ZIA

Hamburg, 16 March 2021. Cureus GmbH, which specialises in developing system care homes, has joined the German Property Federation ZIA (Zentraler Immobilien Ausschuss e.V.). As a member of the leading association in the German real estate industry, Cureus will be support ZIA’s healthcare real estate committee and the association’s work with immediate effect.

By joining ZIA, Cureus has also committed itself to the “Principles of Proper and Fair Management in the Real Estate Industry” of the Institute for Corporate Governance in the German Real Estate Industry e.V. (ICG) as part of a declaration of conformity.

“As a member of ZIA, we want to pool our experience with other members from the care home industry, develop new standards and, with a single voice, present policy-makers with potential solutions and optimisation proposals. This is the only way to close the large gap between the demand for modern care homes in Germany and the shortage of completed buildings”, says Gerald Klinck, CFO of Cureus GmbH. “Equally important for our still young corporate brand, however, is sound corporate governance in our day-to-day business. By signing up to the ICG’s voluntary commitment, we want to express this clearly and publicly”.



Whitepaper “System care properties - Optimised, peerless, scalable – A new standard for system care properties”

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