"System Care Homes" by Cureus awarded as "Outstanding Innovation" by ZIA


  • One of seven "Outstanding Innovations" selected by a jury of experts from more than 120 submissions in the ZIA's Innovation Radar.
  • With the system care home, Cureus has developed a new standard for properties for full inpatient care and service living, which can be implemented as a scalable solution regardless of location
  • bulwiengesa already emphasized the importance of system care homes in an independent market study at the beginning of October 2021

Hamburg/Berlin, 27 October 2021. The concept of the system care home developed by Cureus GmbH was awarded as "Outstanding Innovation" at the ZIA Innovation Congress in Berlin yesterday. With the system care real home, Cureus has developed a standard for real estate for fully inpatient care and service living that can be implemented as a scalable solution regardless of location.

"By radically standardizing all processes in planning and development as well as equipment and design, Cureus has become the most active developer of care properties in Germany within twelve months with its development approach under the name 'system care homes’. The standardisation ensures lower operating costs, higher space efficiency, reduced walking distances for care staff, a more efficient care key and higher profitability for Cureus as the end investor," according to the ZIA Innovation Think Tank jury.

"Given Germany's demographic development, our goal is to create a high number of urgently needed good-quality care places as quickly as possible, despite obstacles such as building regulations – and this requires a special approach," explains Gerald Klinck, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Cureus. "We are very pleased about the special award for the system care home as 'Outstanding Innovation' by the experts of the professional jury of the ZIA."

"The fact that, following the assessment by bulwiengesa, we have now had the innovative strength and effectiveness of our system approach to the creation of inpatient care properties confirmed by the industry experts from ZIA for the second time in a short period of time naturally makes us very happy," says Christian Möhrke, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Cureus. "Our system care home is not the result of a one-off creative idea, but builds on our many years of experience in optimizing care properties and our ongoing dialog with operators, local authorities and partners from the construction industry. That's why we're constantly evolving our approach."

About the ZIA Innovation Radar

For the fifth time, the German Property Federation (ZIA), the leading umbrella association for the property sector, sought out the best-practice innovations in the real estate industry. The selected innovations were classified and presented in an innovation radar (details here) along the phases of the real estate life cycle. An expert jury singled out Cureus' system care home among more than 120 submitted innovations as one of seven "Outstanding Innovations." To do so, the concept had to meet five criteria: benefits, novelty, USP, scalability and potential.

The Cureus system approach

All new Cureus buildings are designed and built in accordance with the Cureus standard for system care homes. The essence of the concept lies in the optimization of functions and the entire design and construction process. All steps follow a uniform standard, which allows to combine quality and quantity. As a result, projects are completed up to twelve months faster than conventional real estate – with above-average quality, but at below-average costs. The standard is oriented to the needs of all stakeholders, including care home operators and residents. Care homes built to the Cureus standard are optimised in all respects. This concerns, for example, the size and arrangement of rooms to optimize space and walkways. Cureus care homes are also designed and equipped for maximum utility: interior corridors benefit from as much daylight as possible, every room has floor-to-ceiling windows that provide attractive views of the surrounding area, and the modern bathrooms and window fronts follow the same standardised system approach. Each complex’s architecture and facade incorporate individual touches and are constructed to the highest quality standards, integrating seamlessly into their surroundings. The Cureus system approach also prioritises sustainability, both in terms of a care home’s long-term economic viability and its impact on the environment. All Cureus care homes are, for example, constructed in accordance with the KfW 40 energy-efficiency standard, while the bulk procurement of floor coverings or elevator systems, for example, ensures cost synergies and long-term maintenance contracts covering several properties also reduce costs for care home operators. The constant review and optimisation of the Cureus system care home standard guarantees the construction of care homes that truly meet demand.

A market study by bulwiengesa published at the beginning of October emphasized the importance of Cureus' system care home for the German care real estate market

A market study by the independent analysis institute bulwiengesa on the nursing care real estate market in Germany was published back in early October, highlighting the importance of the innovative concept of the system care home. In addition to an extensive market analysis, the study showed that standardization and scalability, as implemented in the processes and products of Cureus GmbH in the creation of care places, represent a suitable and competitive approach to avert the perspective demand gap for care places in Germany. The study is available at www.cureus.de/marktstudie.


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Christian Möhrke (COO) and Gerald Klinck (CFO), Cureus

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